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The online casino industry is a hugely competitive marketplace. There are quite literally hundreds of iGaming brands competing for the custom of players in all four corners of the globe.

How do brands stand out from the crowd? Casino affiliates can do a lot of the legwork, promoting operators in the best light to their target demographic. In turn, affiliates are rewarded with commission as a ‘thank you’ for their loyalty.

What is a gambling affiliate program?

A crypto casino affiliate program essentially enables websites and personal brands to earn income by recommending the services of an online casino to their audience. For webmasters and individuals to be a successful crypto gambling affiliate, they’ll typically need to have a target demographic that’s aligned with the casino.

At Bombastic Partners, we go further still with our online casino affiliate program committing to revenues for affiliates which can drive traffic to our crypto casino brands. We believe we’re the world’s number-one cryptocurrency casino affiliate program and our growing network of webmasters is further proof of this.

One of the main reasons webmasters are drawn to working with Bombastic Partners is our forward-thinking and dynamic approach to the iGaming industry. We’re not just casino-first, we’re crypto-first too.

We believe the future is in crypto-based online gambling and if you have a tech-savvy audience which regularly visits your website or social channels, we’d love to work with you and help you to reap the rewards as an affiliate of the best casino affiliate program bar none.

What’s our ideal affiliate? We’re determined to reach out and resonate with the following types of people:

Tech-savvy millennials

We’re keen to get our crypto casino brands in front of millennials and Gen Zers who know a thing or two about technology. These guys appreciate the finer things online – slick, fully responsive user experiences, next-generation payment methods and such like.

Crypto enthusiasts

It’s always best for our brands to work with people that are already engaged and passionate about what we do. If you’ve already invested in and have developed your very own cryptocurrency portfolio, we want to hear from you. Our crypto casinos make it easy for anyone with crypto assets to make frictionless deposits and start betting on their favourite casino games. You guys know all there is to know about cryptocurrency and why many believe in it as the future currency of our world. By becoming one of our crypto casino affiliates, you too can spread the word about the possibilities of crypto betting for players of all levels.

Experienced casino players

We’re equally keen to partner with competitive gamers, including those involved in Esports, who may also have an interest in iGaming technology. We’ve cultivated an extensive library of only premium crypto casino games, underpinned by our innovative Play Together functionality. With dozens of game themes, there’s almost certainly a game out there to suit your communities.

Casual gamers

Even if you and your community enjoy a casual slot or table game session from time to time, it pays to be a partner of Bombastic. We’ll equip you with all the tools you need to engage your viewers or readers and drive sustainable commission as we’re always releasing new games and experiences.

How do I become a casino affiliate?

If you’re interested in becoming a partner of the Bombastic.com crypto casino affiliate program, just hit the sign-up button and complete the required fields.

You’ll need to create a secure username and password and provide us with your email address, address and name, as well as your website URL if your plan is to market Bombastic products to your existing viewership.

Tick the right boxes to explain to us how you plan to market Bombastic. We don’t just accept affiliates with popular websites. We’re happy to welcome affiliate marketers with exceptional email marketing expertise and databases, as well as those with huge or relevant social media followings and even the contacts to provide word-of-mouth recommendations.

As a brand ambassador within the Bombastic affiliate casino program, we’ll always do our best to supply you with the marketing material you need to make a real go of things, including:

Brand Assets

We’ll delve deep into our treasure trove of brand assets to give you the collateral you need to engage your users and our target audience.

This includes a vast library of visual assets, including our iconic logos which affiliates are free to use to complement messaging, be it targeted emails to hand-picked lists or organic blog posts about our services. Aside from our hugely recognisable logos, we’ll even give you access to our fonts, which you can use freely alongside your content. This just provides an even closer link between us, while reinforcing our brand identity to your communities.

You’ll get access to our entire repository of brand assets the moment you’re approved onto the Bombastic crypto casino affiliate program. Between us, we can set the crypto gaming world alight!

Digital Marketing Materials

Once you’re approved onto our crypto casino affiliate network, you’ll also be armed with a powerful arsenal of marketing materials designed to captivate and excite the next generation of iGamers in licensed markets.

All Bombastic affiliates will have secure login access to our back end, where you’ll have a library of creative digital marketing collateral at your fingertips. The most popular assets are our dynamic and fully responsive HTML5 banners, which ensure slick and consistent brand messaging on any browser or platform, regardless of screen size. Our banners are designed to make a splash. They don’t just look good but the copywriting sings to your users, sparking curiosity and intrigue in our services.

We’ve done our best to make sure there’s not a single roadblock to using our marketing assets. All our available landing pages, designed to market specific services, are created with engagement as our number-one priority. Their HTML5 nature also gives these assets genuine plug-and-play appeal, allowing you to embed them wherever you see fit.

At Bombastic, we want win-win long-term relationships with our trusted affiliates. We believe being the best casino affiliate program relies on having readymade marketing collateral that’s varied and easy to use.

Our marketing assets have a four-pronged benefit for you and your communities:

It delivers consistent brand messaging, fostering a brand image your users can trust over time.

It saves you precious time having to create your own marketing campaigns for Bombastic, with out-of-the-box assets that can be easily customised if you think you can make our platforms sound even more appealing!

Our tried and tested visuals and messaging can help to drive impressive conversion rates for you, multiplying your commission while turbocharging our player base.

We know affiliates don’t tend to put all their eggs in one basket, we get it. But we use our marketing assets to explain to you as well as your users why our brands are different from the crowd. In turn, this motivates and excites you to work with us, just as much as your communities.

The Best Practices for Leveraging Our Marketing Materials:

We want you to eke every drop of commission potential from our marketing collateral. It means you stand a good chance of converting users into customers and we have a great opportunity to grow our player base, bringing together players who share a passion for gaming and cryptocurrency.

If you’re just starting out on your affiliate marketing journey, we’re here to help all members of our crypto casino affiliate network to succeed. We recommend taking the following steps when promoting Bombastic brands for the first time:

Carefully consider the interests and preferences of your users. Always think about which of our marketing assets are most likely to resonate best with them. Put yourselves in the shoes of your communities. What would they like to know most about our brands?

Feel free to combine your own content with our marketing assets if you can make our services even more compelling!

Always A/B test your affiliate marketing campaigns. How else will you gauge the effectiveness of one landing page against another? This allows you to home in on the assets which drive the most revenue for you and the most sign-ups for our brands!

Be sure to regularly visit our library of marketing assets within your Bombastic login. We do our best to keep collateral fresh to capitalise on any new services, as well as player trends or themes.

You’ll Even Get Your Own Crypto Casino Affiliate Program Manager

As a valued member of Bombastic’s crypto-inspired affiliate gambling network, you’ll be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager to handle all your needs. You can reach out to them whenever you need via email, Telegram chat or the live chat facility within the Bombastic Partners hub.

How much money do casino affiliates make?

We’re excited to reveal that members of Bombastic’s affiliate casino programs can rake in up to 40% commission on every player referred to our brands. That’s by no means the end, though. Work with us for the long term and you’ll have the opportunity to unlock even bigger returns with your engaged audiences over time.

That’s because Bombastic’s crypto-based gambling affiliate programs operate a lifetime revenue share model. This means you’ll stand a chance to earn commission on a player’s continued spending with our casinos, on top of the commission you earn on referring them to sign up.

Every referral you send our way is given a unique tracking code or link aligned with your affiliate account. Our system keeps track of their actions, from deposits and wagers to bonuses and withdrawals. This ensures you get an accurate commission based on the lifetime activity of your referrals.

Is casino affiliate profitable?

We’re 100% transparent about how we calculate the net gaming revenue of the players you recommend to our brands. We use the following formula:

(Bets – Wins – Bonuses – Additional Corrections) – Admin Fee percentage (28%)

In some cases, the players you’ve referred will yield a negative net gaming revenue. In this scenario, we won’t be able to pay out commissions to you until those earnings are in the black.

Essentially, becoming one of Bombastic’s online casino affiliates can be a very profitable additional to your affiliate marketing mix. Especially if you’re able to refer to players who are educated and enthused by the idea of using cryptocurrency to gamble and play their favourite casino games. You can harness the power of our marketing assets and get them in front of the right people. Do you have what it takes?

Do casinos pay influencers?

It’s true that a growing number of online casino brands are investing in some form of influencer marketing strategy, whereby influencers on prominent social media and live streaming platforms can utilise their reach and give brands the exposure they crave.

The issue with this is these brands have no idea whether the viewers of these influencers are the ideal target demographics for their sites. For all they know, they could be paying hundreds or thousands of pounds to Twitch influencers only to find that none of their viewers take the liberty to sign up and check out the casino’s services.

That’s why we much prefer working with affiliates whose existing online and social communities align seamlessly with our vision for cryptocurrency and next-generation casino gaming.

You Can Even Earn Commission as a Bombastic Streamer

Of course, if you are active on platforms like Twitch, TikTok and YouTube and your audience is a good fit with Bombastic’s brands, we’d love you to become a Bombastic streamer. We offer bespoke deals to streamers with a desire to monetise their streaming communities. These arrangements mean you can continue to deliver content which fits your passion and values – and earn rewards along the way.

We’ll do all we can to amplify your content so long as you help our brands to resonate along the way. We’ll even give you branded merchandise to share with viewers in the form of giveaways or competitions, however you want to do it. It’s all geared towards connecting you and your communities to the Bombastic universe.

If you’ve reached this point, we hope this means you’re massively intrigued by the opportunity of being part of Bombastic Partners. If you’re ready to get started, sign up to join our crypto casino affiliate program today to get the ball rolling.


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