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Many sports betting affiliate programs promise the moon only to under-deliver where it matters most – commission. Bombastic Partners provides you with access to our affiliate software and a revenue share of up to 40%. It’s the only affiliate program you’ll ever need.

What is a betting affiliate? An introduction

A betting affiliate drives traffic to a sportsbook. It’s one of several different approaches sportsbooks use to cut through an increasingly crowded landscape, along with SEO, content marketing, and more conventional ways of connecting with potential customers, such as TV, radio, and print advertising.

As a sports betting affiliate, you’ll be part of a sector that is expected to command $1.4trn worldwide by 2030, representing a CAGR of 4.4% from 2022.

Bombastic Partners aims to give you a position within this growing ecosystem, where you’ll earn an industry-high level of commission for supporting a sportsbook brand. It’s easy to become a too. Just fill out our easy sign-up form

How does it work?

In traditional commerce, affiliates are usually given a code to attach to URLs on their website. This link will direct visitors to a second site, which, in this case, is the platform to be promoted.

If the visitor then completes a certain action, the affiliate earns a commission. This action might be a purchase, the creation of an account, or some other thing that leads to a relationship between the visitor and the target website.

A sportsbook affiliate program works in much the same way but sports betting sites may expect a deposit from a visitor before any commission is earned. They may also need to enter a code during the sign-up process. This, of course, will be a key that identifies your website as the source of the visit.

The Bombastic Partner's Vision

The Bombastic Partners sports betting affiliate program isn’t just a few words on a piece of paper, a vague agreement that’s quickly forgotten about. We won’t leave you to your own devices once you’re through the door.

In fact, we have an extensive library of brand assets and marketing materials that you can integrate into your marketing campaigns. These are all designed to be unmissable.

The Bombastic Partners’ vision is one of pure entertainment. We’re innovative, forward-thinking, and fully engaged in creating memorable experiences for our players and members of the best sports affiliate programs we have to offer.

Branding: Where you'll stand out

The strength of any marketing campaign is in its presence, i.e. how long it remains in a viewer’s mind and how long it takes to help them convert. Even the greatest product can be undone by forgettable advertising.

Bombastic Partners provides our partners with creative tools that make your job as a sportsbook affiliate easier, simply by giving you access to all the assets you’ll need. These include resolution-responsive banners, imagery, and fonts so that you can add them to all your properties, desktop, mobile, or otherwise.

Membership to the Bombastic Partners sports affiliates program is completely free so you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by connecting your network of players to the brands that interest them, namely, our world-class sportsbooks.

Your audience: Who you’ll talk to

Players are at the heart of every sportsbook – and, while this group includes people from every age group, gender, and nationality, the reality is that certain visitors will be more interested in signing up for our sports betting sites than others.

This is where have something in common. When you’re affiliate marketing for sports betting, your marketing materials, messaging, and other communications will need to resonate with people who have some of the following characteristics.

Tech-loving Millennials

The most misunderstood generation in recent history, millennials are no longer university-bound youngsters. Many of them are now in the third and fourth decade of their lives.
Highly educated, millennials have a particular fondness for technology and gaming, having seen first-hand how both sectors have developed since the 1980s. They’re competitive, privacy-conscious, and appreciative of innovation.

Crypto Enthusiasts

Cryptocurrency is considered by many fans a technology of the future and, given its infancy, emerging as an idea for Bitcoin in 2008, they may well be right.

Users of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. will inevitably want to use crypto on their favourite sportsbooks, which is why the brands in our affiliate gambling program continue to support digital currency. If your audience likes the idea of the blockchain, a decentralised internet, or Web 3.0, let us know.

High Rollers

People who make the largest (or the most frequent) wagers at a sportsbook tend to expect something in return. This might come in the form of a VIP membership or incidental bonuses that keep them playing for longer.

For you, as a member of our affiliate gambling program, high rollers will provide the most lifetime revenue, which means that you earn more from Bombastic Partners in return.

Competitive Gamers

Sports betting fans tend to love tournaments, competitive events, and anything that provides a return for a bit of extra effort, which is largely why both casinos and sportsbooks have started to ‘gamify’ their offering.

This process may mean adding leaderboards, an experience-based system, achievement badges, and anything else that bridges the gap between sports betting and conventional video gaming.

Casual Gamers

A riposte to the previous, people stuck for time might only play at a sportsbook a few times a week or month. This doesn’t mean that they won’t earn you a profit though. Regular, small bets may even produce more lifetime value than huge, infrequent ones.

Our sportsbooks are open to everyone so join the Bombastic Partners sports betting affiliate program and start earning a commission.

A Captive Audience

Many of the above characteristics can be found in the same individuals, while some combinations might be ‘unicorns’ – rare but valuable to people in sports betting programs and the brands they support.

Bombastic Partners aims to make the most of all the personalities, financial strength, and interests within your captive audience, leading to a relationship that’s beneficial to everybody involved – especially you.

Commission: What You’ll Earn

One thing lies at the core of these marketing efforts – profit. While we’ve covered that aspect of the Bombastic Partners sports betting affiliates scheme already, we’d like to explain it in a little more detail.
Your profit in our betting programs is calculated mathematically, according to the following formula, which constitutes the Net Gaming Revenue (NGR).

NGR = (Bets−Wins−Bonuses−Additional Corrections) − Admin Fee%

Each of the items within the parentheses refers to actions on behalf of a player once they’ve signed up. So, put another way, your commission is determined by the sum of a player’s wagers, wins, and bonuses taken minus our admin fee. The latter is added for the use of our software and the support of our in-house team. As for additional corrections, this refers to rare occurrences like credit card chargebacks.

Your earnings are tied to the performance of a player as a customer, which means that you’ll continue to make money in our sportsbook affiliate programs as long as they remain active on a sportsbook.

Time to Talk: How to Get the Bombastic Partners Message Across

Everything comes with a learning curve but marketing (of all descriptions) offers one of the steepest. It’s a human-dependent art, which can make it unpredictable, seasonal, complex, and even outright useless if it’s done without much care.

With a manager of our betting affiliate programs to guide you, we’ll help you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with player outreach. Take a few things away with you today:

Know Your Demographic

Businesses in every industry should know what their audience responds to both in terms of marketing communications and products. Just as there’s little point in advertising holidays for seniors to younger people, you’re unlikely to get any joy out of marketing sportsbooks to people sworn off the idea.

See our breakdown above for the kind of people who might enjoy the Bombastic Partners experience – and integrate our messaging into your own when you start affiliate marketing for sports betting.

Choose an Appropriate Delivery Method

Millennials and Gen Z’s avoidance of phone calls has become a bit of a meme in recent years, as nuisance messaging puts an end to the landline. Still, if your demographic remains responsive to phone calls, this is how you need to contact them.

Web advertising offers different ways to connect with different groups of people. Combine this knowledge with your demographic information above to keep your messaging relevant.

Read the Sporting Calendar

Every sport has its major events – and betting activity tends to spike around these. In the UK, that might be the Grand National, FA Cup Final, Wimbledon, or even an overseas event like the Super Bowl or the WWE’s Royal Rumble.

Account for these changes in your marketing activity. It’s an easy way to take advantage of excitement in the sports wagering community. You’ll find that this is when sportsbooks try to offer the most competitive odds.

Going it Alone: Do I Need Sportsbook Affiliate Programs?

No – and the truth is that plenty of people make money out of partnering with sportsbooks. However, unlike with the Bombastic Partners betting programs, your commission rate isn’t guaranteed and you’ll have no support along the way.

Our affiliate managers will provide you with all the resources you need to make your marketing efforts a success. You’ll also get to talk to us if you’re having trouble getting started or have questions about our platform.

Sportsbooks are also less likely to partner with untested individuals, preferring large networks or people with an established reach, like celebrities. This means that the path to affiliate superstardom can be arduous.

Bombastic Partners is keen to hear from you even if you’re undecided about joining our betting affiliate programs. Click the Get Started button to start the conversation.

It’s your Turn: What do you Need as an Affiliate?

Affiliates will typically have their own sports product. While this is unlikely to be a sportsbook itself, popular blogs, aggregators, video channels, and even social media sites can all serve a purpose as a sportsbook affiliate for a betting website.

People who regularly search out sports content like statistics and news are often interested in sports wagering too.

If you don’t have a standard web presence, like a website, we’d still like to hear from you. While this might sound strange, we’re open to suggestions. Just let us know your ideas for promoting our brands and we’ll help you put it all together – online or offline.

Bombastic Partners currently works alongside modern content creators like social media influencers. As this space continues to evolve with the technology behind it, we’ll add more ways to interact with audiences.

Become a Bombastic Partners’ Streamer

Here are a few quick statistics. An average of 2.58m people were watching a streamer on Twitch at any given time in 2022. In total, during the same year, more than 22bn hours of media were created on the platform.
Streaming services, which now include YouTube and Facebook, among others, are some of the most ‘vocal’ marketing tools out there, capable of reaching millions of people.

At Bombastic Partners, we recognise this shift in how people consume their entertainment. As TV gives way to platforms like Netflix and Disney+, and those platforms continue to make unpopular decisions regarding advertising, marketing has become a shifting, hybrid thing.

The Bombastic Partners sports betting affiliate program allows existing streamers to monetise their audience. You can learn more about this opportunity on our dedicated page but here’s a quick primer.

Similar to our sports affiliates scheme, you’ll get a customised experience by working with us. This includes content that integrates with your messaging and aligns with your channel’s values. You won’t have to ‘sell-out’ to work with us.

Better still, our streaming program includes tangible extras. Receive branded merchandise to help you grow our sportsbook brands, in addition to a deposit bonus that you can pass on to your loyal viewers.

Join Us Today!

By becoming one of our sports betting affiliates, you’ll get access to one of the best sports affiliate programs the sports betting community has to offer, with a lifetime revenue share of up to 40%.

Everything you’ll need to get started and enhance your brand messaging is included for free, including all the marketing materials you’ll ever need and support from our dedicated team. Membership is completely free too. 

While traditional website and blog-based affiliates are our main focus, we’re increasingly interested in more novel ways of reaching potential players, including social media pages and streaming channels.

If your brand has a voice of some description, we’re sure we can work with it. Get in touch today or explore our website for more information about becoming a betting affiliate with Bombastic Partners.


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